Kimet Methodology

Own Methodology

"Our Methodology has been elaborated and corroborated for several years,
adapted to different ages and formation levels, that allows to optimize and personalize the work"

Full integral formation and advise

We offer different advice methodology levels to Clubs, coaches, city halls, sport people under our own methodology.

According to training structure, not to the methods

The methodology is based on the training structure and on the evolutionary process of the athletes, taking care of the cognitive and physical development, and its technical and tactical perceptive capacity.

Established according to the content sequencing

The contents are suitable to the age, category, level and number of training days of the athletes. To optimize the learning process, the contents are divided in formation pedagogical structures, in an inductive way.

Big integral valuation area (technical and tactical)

The test that we make allow us to check that the methodology provokes an improvement in the athlete, both physical and technical-tactical.

PIO projects (Individual projects of optimization)

In the formation projects towards the elite, the personal attention of the athletes is fundamental. Our methodology considers PIO projects one of the most important issues in the development of an athletes.

Innovative systems to optimize the space

We offer different training structures which are adapted to the use of the same space by different teams, optimizing time, resources and possibilities for the athletes to improve themselves, as well as the "Rotation System".

Formation projects to dependent structures.

We design formation aimed to internal club or entity structure and partner clubs or external dependent institutions. Also, we teach and/or manage the formation, the project as well.

Structure and lines of integrated organizational performance

We make all kinds of structure and methodological studies that we personalize to clubs or entities, and after the studies, we establish organize performance of the projects in a methodological and management way completely personalized, to optimize the professional development.

Tested with excellent results

Based on more than 25 years of work and practice with excellent results in different football categories. 14 players of the current Athletic of Bilbao football club team have practiced our methodology, some of them are international players and European and World champions.

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