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The team is formed by sport professionals in the physical activity with a big formation in sport methodology area (in collaboration with different responsabilities in Athletic football Club, in Royal Spanish Football Federation, in coaching school and in different sports disciplines like golf, basket, rowing, etc...

Gari Fullaondo
CEO, Founder and "alma mater" of the project
He is responsible for the design and evolution of the Kimet Methodology. His head flys and sometimes the team asks him to "slow down.

Methodological Director and Athletic Bilbao Football Club Formation Responsible. Committee of Football Coaches Methodology Adviser of the Royal Spanish Football Federation. Football coaches school teacher. UEFA-PRO Coach, physical activity and sports sciences graduate, master's physical trainning degree, 26 years experience in Junior Categories and elite.

Email: gari.fg@kimetsport.com

Álvaro Bilbao
CCo-Founder and responsible for Kimet methodology
Pulsometers and lactate passionate, he is still looking for the magic formula that allows the player to do exactly what the brain is telling him (or the coach).

Conditional Department Responsible and Athletic Bilbao Football club and more clubs physical coach. Physical activity and sports sciences graduate, master's High performance degree, football first level coach, 18 years experience in Junior Categories and elite.

Email: alvaro.bd@kimetsport.com

Zunbeltz Fullaondo
Co-Founder & Commercial Area Responsible
Trying to discover the Former essence, but during the journey: link. Trying to connect threads!

Athletic Bilbao Football club formation Director. Physical coach in some clubs, different football schools director, Physical activity and sports sciences graduate, Technical sport teacher certificate, football second level coach, 16 years experience in Junior Categories and elite.

Email: zunbeltz.fg@kimetsport.com


Koldo Hernández
Web Developer, passionate web user.
Since he knows the project, he hasn’t stopped working and offers his help as much as he can. In his spare time he reads programming books.

Email: koldo.hm@kimetsport.com


Rubén Verdute
Web Developer.
Addicted to gadgets. I spent my time in music, movies and videogames.

Email: ruben.va@kimetsport.com


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