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Comparative of Kimet Planning Features             Basic Pack                        1000 Exercises                  Control And Statistics                 Workload Control                          Test                          Graphic Animator                 Resources Organization                   Medical Basis                       Pio Projects                          Scouting                    Interaction Between Teams                   Profiles                           Own Server                         Customization           
Step 1 General Macrocycle Programming
Step 2 Design of Macrocycle Periods
Step 3 Practice Days Design
Customize Content Sequencing (%)
Step 4 Watch Macrocycle / Select Mesocycle
Step 5 Mesocycle Design
Double Sessions + IOP Design
Step 6 Microcycle Design
Microcycle Duplication
Step 7 Choosing Exercises for Session
Access to KS methodology database
Step 8 Viewing and Printing the Session
Sessions Registration of Volume and Attendance
Registration of Work Done
Registration of Subjective Load
Registration of Fatigue and Recovery (TQR-RPE)
Registration of Objective and Specific Charge
Control of Double and IOP Sessions
Session Statistics Methodology Analysis, Volume and Assistance
Analysis between Planned and Done
Analysis of Load by Exercises-Area
Analysis of Sessions Fatigue
Individual Analysis of Volume and Assistance
Analysis of Sessions Load
Analysis of Individual Load per Task
Matches Registration of Previous General Aspects
Registration of Quantitative variables
Registration of Group Qualitative Variables
Matches Statistics General Analysis of Goals
General Observations Team Analysis
Analysis of Individual Variables
General Qualitative Analysis of the Team
General Analysis of Environmental Factors
Analysis of Team Variables by Player
Test Design and Analysis of Sessions Assessment
Individual Rating Reports
Team Rating Reports
Comparatives Player-Team-Category/td>
Analysis of Group Data for each Test
Analysis of Individual Data for each Test
Comparatives between Team Players
Comparative of the Team in Different Periods
Comparative of Different Teams and Periods
Team Ranking Reports
Individual Rankings Reports
Various Comparatives Player-Team-Category
Medical Basis
Medical Basis Design and Registration of Medical Data
Registration and Control of Analytics
Registration and Control of Anthropometries
Registration and Control of Diseases
Registration and Control of Injuries
Methodology Visualization of the exercises in the database
Prepare and insert own exercises
Make graphics and animations
Insert external documents to the exercise
Customize content of the methodology
Comprehensive Data Base (over 1000 drills)
Basic data base (over 300 drills)
IOP (Individual Optimization Projects)
IOP Elaboration of Double Sessions and IOP
Linking these to the Programming and Control
Competitions Registration of Competitions not League
Entailment to methodological logic of programming
Entailment to the Area of Control and Statistics
Formation Access to the Area of Formation Kimet Sport
Assistant and User Guide
Multimedia Support
Administration Team Data Management
Club Data Management
Player Data Management
Resources Material and Facilities Management
Field Management
Calls Management
Software Management bettween Various Coaches
Club Management
Club Management Manage all the teams in the same structure
Allows exchange of players between teams
Allows to combine coaches in different teams
Management of different profiles between staff members
Linking functionalities to different profiles
Comprehensive management of different Areas
Scouting Scouting Management Direct and Indirect
Elaboration and registration of technical record of players
Registration of reports in various formats
Linking external players to own teams
Other Features
Own server Installation on internal database
Customization Customization of Various Functionalities

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