General features

General Features

Kimet planning is the only football software on the market that thinks for you and offer you the planning of the whole season adjust to the category and level of your team. In addition, it makes easier the club structure management tasks.



Select the category and the level of your team, add the calendar, select the training days and you will get the planning of the whole season adjusted to your necessities, with all the sessions and exercises.



Change as you like the contents and exercises that you want to use with your team, based on the necessities of your team and the characteristics of your players, you can select other exercises from the Kimet Planning Data Base or add your own exercises.



Control the capacity and evolution of your players, as much to sessions as to competitions, rivals, etc...



Test physical, technical and tactical progress of all the players, as much qualitatively as quantitatively, to optimize his formative process or his capacity.



Analyze and interpret the data that the software offers you thanks to his multiples reports and statistics, and about them adapt the planning constantly.



Organize in an easy and effective way the different management areas of your team and also all the club structure teams.

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