What's Kimet Planning

The only football planning software self-intelligence

Kimet Planning is the completest football software that exists on the market and the only smart to plan the whole season of your team.
It's based on our corroborated methodology or you can add your own methodology.

Plan it in 5 easy steps

You get all the training sessions of the year, with its contents and exercises adapted to the age and level (technical, tactical, physical training, warm-ups, etc…) with 5 clicks.

Step 1  Choose your team category

Step 2  Choose your team level

Step 3  Select the begin and the end of the season

Step 4  Select the holidays dates

Step 5  Select the training days

… and everything else the software will offer you to put into practice it or change it.

Adapted to your needs

Because is not the same to coach teenagers or Seniors teams, neither is not the same to coach a team oriented to elite or a team that training just for fun.

Kimet Planning planning the season keep the category and level of your team in mind and apply our methodology to spread the contents.

Objective: Adapt the trainings to your team necessities.

Personalize it with your rules

Kimet Planning offer you a corroborated methodology, but you can customize it modifying the planning, the contents and the exercises you would like to work with every moment.

Kimet Planning allows to plan the whole season in just 5 clicks using Kimet Sport methodology or your own methodology.

Around 1.000 exercises

Our methodology has around 1000 exercises divide in different areas and categories, and organize it in adapted and progressive way to each formation progress level.

Also, you can add your own exercises increasing the content's catalog that you want to work with.

Exercises graphic animator

It has a graphic animator to animate your exercises and contents, thanks to the diversity of:

  • Scenes (football fields, gym, etc...), players (goalkeeper, players, pieces, etc…) and positions (shooting, running, stand up, stretching, in the gym, etc...), materials (goals, hurdle, weight, sleds, etc...)
  • Functions to design static actions (arrow, angle, texts, areas, shadows, etc...)
  • Elements to generate dynamic animates with different speeds, spaces, etc...

Everything with a modern design and with an amazing functionality, simplicity and rapidity.

Control options

Kimet Planning allows to control all the training sessions and all the competitions.

  • Trainings attendance control, minutes trained, contents worked, physical load, fatigue, etc...
  • Goals control, cards control, formations controls, rival reports, formations face to face...
  • Injuries control, physical loads control, tests control, analytical control...

Reports and statistics

Visualize in an easy way, intuitive and complete, all the data stored in the software.

Optimize your time and the information that you need from your team or rivals without losing any data.

  • Individual or group sessions statistics, by time periods or seasons
  • Individual or group competition statistics, by different time periods and lot's of variables
  • Individual and group reports of different progress area

Physical, technical and tactical evaluation

To evaluate is basic to check your trainings efficacy. In order to this we offer you the chance to do a long set of tests looking for knowing your players physical condition.

Up to now it's just evaluate the conditional area. We, in addition, offer you the chance to evaluate technically and tactically your players.

Management tasks

If you are coordinating a club, you know that is so complicated to manage it: management and players paperwork, competitions calendar, medical bases, resources, buses, fields occupation, trainings of each team, etc…

With Kimet Planning we resolve you the problem. All the club could be manage from your laptop: Manage and control of the worked done.

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