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Planning Club Amateur

699,00 for 1 year

It is the only intelligent sports software on the market designed to manage your entire football club. It allows you to plan the football season for all your teams, whatever their age or level, in 5 simple steps based on a proprietary methodology developed with elite football players. In addition, you can monitor the work of all your coaches and players from our platform.

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Kimet Planning is the only intelligent sports software on the market that can help you plan the football season for all your club’s teams based on a proven methodology. With different access profiles and adapted to all training categories, each member of your club’s coaching staff will be able to plan their football season in 5 simple steps based on a proprietary methodology developed in elite clubs and proven in different clubs of different categories. Whatever the age and category of your team or its training days, Kimet Planing plans for you and in less than 1 minute you will have all your team’s training sessions adapted to its age, category and training days. With all your training, warm-up and cool-down exercises, detailed and graphically animated so that no detail is overlooked. It is also the best management software for a football club, as it is born from football and designed for football.

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Complete your plan with

Pack designed to keep total control by the entire coaching staff of all training sessions and all the matches of your team. Enter all the data you need and access them in a simple and visual way.

If what you need is to individualize the training of your players, this is the pack for you. The IOP pack (Individualized Optimization Projects) will allow you to plan individual exercises for your players or work by lines or positions, as well as double training sessions.

With Kimet Planning's digital tactical board you will be able to "bring your exercises to life". You will be able to include graphics, as well as animations and videos to all your soccer training exercises.

More than 1000 soccer drills to plan your season. Exercises on tactics, technique, strategy, physical preparation... to prepare your soccer training.

Evaluates the conditional and technical-tactical development of all players, both qualitatively and quantitatively, in order to optimise their training or performance process.

You will be able to monitor the health of your players. You will be able to record all your medical check-ups, injuries, illnesses, anthropometries, analytical tests, etc...

Organise the different management areas of your team in a simple and effective way.

Control the performance and evolution of your players, both in sessions and in competitions, rivals, etc...

Organise and collect all the scouting data necessary for the recruitment of your new players.

Decide for yourself which sections of the application each of your technicians can access. Because each of you does not have to have access to the same sections, you decide which sections each of you can access.

With this pack you will make your entire club interrelated. Under the supervision of the coordinator, all club teams will be able to share all the data of their exercises and training sessions, as well as of their players.

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Kimet Universe

Smart sports solutions

Kimet is a tool created to help and give solutions to coaches of any leveland sports clubs or entities.

It is suitable for all sporting categories, whether beginners, amateur or professional.

We offer 4 product modalities that can be combined with each other.

Technical sports advice for the methodological implementation in your club or organization.
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Training program for the integral sports development of your team
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Intelligent soccer planning software developed entirely by Kimet
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Tactical board for training and game strategies. Web and mobile application (Google Play and Apple Store).
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