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Who are we?

  /  Who are we?

Who are we?

Bizkaia; cradle of youth football

Kimet is


Kimetis a company from Bizkaia (Spain) specialised in the implementation of sports methodologies in sports entities of any level and competition.

Kimet’s team offers a qualified and comprehensive solutionfor sports planning and management thanks to its own development of unique digital tools in the market within the field of football and other sports.

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We have more than 30 years of experience in the creation and development of sports tools applied to the world of amateur and professional football.

Gari Fullaondo, founder and Álvaro Bilbao, co-founder of Kimet, are the creators of the Kimet Method: the only intelligent and integral method applicable to any sports practice worldwide.

The Kimet Method did not come about by chance. Born in Bizkaia (Basque Country), a historical territory in the care and work of the quarry and passion for football.

This love and dedication to the home-grown player has led to the creation of the Kimet Method based on the foundation and analysis of data obtained over decades of experience.

We have been part of the Methodological and Training Management of Athletic Club de Bilbao. At the moment we are sports advisors for Club Atletico Osasuna and we are methodological advisors for the Spanish Football Federation Coaches Committee.

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Gari 1000-1000

“Feel it, think it and FLY!!!!!!!”.

Gari Fullaondo, CEO Kimet Sport

Kimet Universe

Smart sports solutions

Kimet is a tool created to help and give solutions to coaches of any leveland sports clubs or entities.

It is suitable for all sporting categories, whether beginners, amateur or professional.

We offer 4 product modalities that can be combined with each other.

Technical sports advice for the methodological implementation in your club or organization.
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Training program for the integral sports development of your team
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Intelligent soccer planning software developed entirely by Kimet
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Tactical board for training and game strategies. Web and mobile application (Google Play and Apple Store).
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Our team

A lifetime in the service of well-planned sport


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Kimet Planning is the only intelligent software designed to plan your team’s season. Plan in just 5 steps all the training sessions of the season with their contents and exercises adapted to your age and level.

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